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My Thoughts on YOU: The Chilling Netflix Series That’s Taken the Internet By Storm

Penn Badgley starring as Joe Goldberg in YOU
Three episodes into Netflix’s latest thriller YOU, and it’s gotten me firmly fastening the curtains to my room, and double-checking my social media profiles to see what’s on public. Not to mention the new suspicious voice in my head whispering to me, when a guy asked me out on a date yesterday:

What if he’s a psychopathhhhh?”

Yes – that my friends, is the psychological impact of this seemingly harmless Netflix show. The series revolves around Joe Goldberg (starring Penn Badgley) who works as the manager of an ordinary bookstore. One fine day, Joe meets Beck (Elizabeth Lail) – blonde, gorgeous, dreamy Beck who he is instantly attracted to and is literally obsessing over in mere minutes – and thus starts YOU, the story of an ordinary guy as he moves heaven and hell to be with the girl he falls in love with at first sight. So romantic.

Guinevere Beck played by Elizabeth Lail

Oh, and Joe is actually a psychopathic stalker who begins to analyze every single second of Beck’s life (including 
watching what she does at home, her messages, friends, boyfriend and… you get the point).


Now, I’ll be honest: the reason why I began watching the show in the first place was because of Penn Badgley. I saw that unnaturally cute face in the trailer and my inner Gossip Girl began to basically scream at me to watch it. And so I did. And now I will forever be hosting a very slight suspicion against exceedingly cute bookstore managers because a small part of me will be wondering if he’s a psychopath.

The show is based on the novel of the same name written by fantastic author Caroline Kepnes… and I’ve got to hand it to Netflix because they’ve done a truly amazing job with selecting the cast. Penn’s portrayal of Joe is highly disturbing. His calm, soothing voice narrates the insane things he’s done in just the first three episodes in such a way that – those things don’t even sound as insane as they should seem! [Watch episode 3 to truly understand what I mean J ]

My heart legit breaks for Paco

On the one hand, I know that this guys is seriously, seriously messed up in the head, but on the other hand he is also extremely nice. Which brings me to the character of Paco (Luca Padovan) – god I love this kid. He’s my second favorite character after Joe and my heart literally breaks for him. I don’t know what the poor kid’ll do when he finds out that Joe, his only friend in the world, is actually very ill. I don’t have sympathy for Beck though. She honestly does not seem worth so much trouble over (sorry Joe).

Yeah, he just really steals the show :3

The character of Joe obviously suffered from severe abuse and trauma during childhood which turned him into what he is now. But, you know what makes YOU truly scary? That the nice guy on the street you just met could actually be equally as disturbed and seem completely fine on the outside. That it’s so damn easy to track a girl’s address and find out every single facet of her life just from her social media account. When I heard things like this show made people feel “paranoid” or made them “lose their sleep” I laughed at them for overreacting. After re-reading my own post I’ve gotta admit it’s left me feeling kind of paranoid too :3

Do watch this series, because it has some amazing actors and a truly messed up storyline that’ll keep you hooked. I can’t wait to finish Season 1 – stay tuned for another rant post on Netflix’s YOU coming up next week!

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