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Letters to the Lost

Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Rating: 5. 100. 1000. Infinity. I can’t rate this. I can only ask you, request you, implore you to read it.
Recommend: If I can reach even one person and convince them to read this – this mind-blowing, addictive, insanely compelling gem of a book – then, I will go to my grave knowing that I did at least one good thing in this life. Highly, highly recommended.
After finishing Letters to the Lost, I was overcome by an overwhelming, consuming need to write. I needed an outlet, somewhere I could express the intensely powerful emotions the book had caused in me, someone to express my thoughts to. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Declan, or The Dark in my life to whom I can talk to; for now, this blog is my outlet.

This is a novel about a girl who has lost her mother, and a boy who has lost his sister. Juliet leaves letters on her mother’s grave and one day Declan stumbles across one – he replies to the script with just two words. These two words are what change everything …

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Author: Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
Rating: 5/5
Recommend: This novel is written in letters. Letters. Do I need to say more?
Your first thought was about the title wasn’t it? Well, in all honesty mine was too. There's a hilarious story about that early on in the book! The Guernsey is among those very few, very rare novels which can proudly boast a movie that more than lives up to the novel’s fame – I loved it. I feel pure joy to review this.
It is the year 1946. The world is recovering from the after-effects of the second World War, and London is no different… welcome to London in the 1940’s where the air is gray with smoke, and piles of rubble still decorate the roads to remind the people of the devastating years past. This is the home of Juliet Ashton, a beautiful young author who has recently achieved success from her debut novel.

One day Juliet receives a letter from a young man in Guernsey – enter Dawsey Adams! The two of them discover a shared love for books and Juliet fin…


Second book in the Villains series. Sequel to Vicious.
Author: Victoria Elizabeth Schwab
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend: A second book about Victor and Eli – could it possibly be wrong? Vengeful provides some much needed answers which we longed for in Vicious; from the history of Eli, to a world rapidly getting to know about the existence of EO’s it provides all the details you’ve been craving and more.
I might as well admit it: nothing can live up to the perfection that is Vicious. Vengeful, however was a valiant effort by V. E. Schwab. It’s darker than its predecessor, and there were more than a few parts where the book sent literal shivers down my spine. I write this on a gray, drizzly afternoon… I still can’t get the effects of reading Vengeful out of my mind.
After the events of Vicious, many things in the Villains world begin changing. Brought back from the dead by Sydney, Victor is alive but with his power greatly flawed. There is a new government facility called the EON (ExtraOrdinary Obs…


First book in the Villains series. Predecessor to Vengeful.
Author: Victoria E. Schwab
Rating: 4.8/5
Recommend: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Marvel or DC fan or don’t even like superheroes in general. This book isn’t about heroes – it’s about super-powerful, emotionally damaged, kind of psychotic villains. SO READ IT. :)
I had no idea that this book existed before a friend posted on social media that she was reading Vicious – she was talking about how the plot revolved around two college kids who turned into best friends and then into super-people and then turned into arch nemeses – a whole other level of messed up. So, of course I had to go buy Vicious. I am so glad I did.
Vicious is all the fantastic mutant powers you’ve ever wanted from an X-Men movie, combined with two semi-villains and one hell of a plotline.
Here is what I loved about the book: first of all, the teaming up of Victor (our anti-hero), Sydney (child who raises dead) and Mitch (hacker version of The Rock with a lov…