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It Only Happens In The Movies

Author: Holly Bourne
Rating: 3.8/5
Recommend: The most deliciously cheesy, purposefully cliched, and surprisingly realistic love story I've read in a while. Recommended for both romance lovers and romance cynics (a weird combination, I know).
The kind of movie that Audrey is highly cynical about in the book

It Only Happens In The Movies is a novel that you can read time and time again: during the gooey early days of a relationship, the phase of depression after a horrible breakup, and right after you've finished reading that amazing series and seem to have lost all purpose in life. The story revolves around Audrey Winters, a depressed senior, who is still suffering from the trauma of her last relationship. 

I knew I had made the right choice in buying this novel after reading the very first line:

Combined with the devastating state of her divorced mother, and quitting Drama - the one course she loves - our heartbroken heroine has pretty much set her life on course for a train wreck. And Voila! Enter Harry Lipton, your classic handsome playboy, the kind of guy that literally everyone in your life warns you to stay away from. 

Yes, she falls for him. No, the ending is not what you think it is.

I absolutely adore the way Holly Bourne has written this novel. Every single chapter begins with a common romantic movie trope like "The Chance Encounter: In romance films everyone is bumping into EVERYONE. Even in big cities like London and New York, two lovers are always crossing paths in coffee shops and cutesy bookstores". 

Mr Darcy only exists in books and movies I'm afraid...

What I really love is how the author hilariously points out the difference in real life. 

I bought It Only Happens In The Movies simply because of the gorgeous cover... and a raging curiosity to see how Holly Bourne had done to make it sound different. There are thousands of poor, stereotypical romances coming out every day, so what had she done to change this one? Thank the heavens because this novel is neither poor nor feeble. 

Love isn't just an emotion: it's a choice. Everything you do is a choice. If you're looking for a warm, anti-romantic, light-hearted read to grace your reading list this spring, then look no further: Audrey and Harry's story has got you covered. 


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