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Author: Colleen Hoover

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Whatever you know about Colleen Hoover - chuck it out of your head. Believe me when I say that Verity doesn't just live up to it's hype; it obliterates it. Read it or risk missing the most fuc*ed up novel in the history of fuc*ed up novels.


Good to have that out of the way first. 

To start off, my expectations for this novel were literally sky high. I had heard so much raving and praise for the work already, that I was both scared and prepared for a disappointment. Here's the thing though: the first chapter began with a bloody death. A CoHo book began with blood and guts spilling on to tarmac. 

Not a bad start, eh?

The novel blew me away with the extremely dysfunctional characters and fantastic story line. I was turning pages like a maniac and feeling nauseated at the sinister atmosphere that just kept building up as I went on.

Verity introduces us to struggling almost-broke writer Lowen Ashleigh who has just been offered a new job. International best-selling author Verity Crawford has just undergone a car accident and her series of thrilling novels need to be finished - now that's the nicer story. There are entire layers of other abnormal shit going on which Lowen will soon find out.

I had made a lot of guesses as to what was actually going on in Verity's house, and felt quite pleased by the last four to five chapters of the novel since two of my three guesses had already turned out to be correct. The author however, cheerfully blew up everything I'd thought and shifted the plot into a whole new perspective by the end.

I wanted to scream. Instead, I began to write this. No matter what kind of reader you are, trust me when I say that Verity is not something that can easily disappoint. It's a mind blowing, messed up piece of work that even appealed to me, someone who prefers full out fantasy over suspense.

Verity is my introduction into the world of Colleen Hoover, and I couldn't possibly have asked for a more insane read. It has the most intricate, and exceedingly twisted plot line I've read in a long while.

And believe me when I say that I read a lot - story lines don't surprise me that often. I began the novel last night around midnight (barely able to contain my excitement) and finished earlier this evening. Needless to say, the novel had me in it's thralls since the very beginning. I will probably have  extremely creepy nightmares tonight.

Do not  read this the day before an exam/meeting/something important because it will take away all your sleep, appetite, and willpower - not necessarily in that order. Once you're done feel free to rant in the comment section about what on Earth you've just read :)

Remember - I warned you.


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